CraftBot XL 3D Printer Review

Well, even before you can delve any deeper into this CraftBot XL 3D Printer Review, you know that if it has the letters XL in it, then it means extra large. So what is extra large in this Craftbox 3D printer? Pretty much as you will see, but most notable is the huge build volume. If you are looking for a printer that you can use straight from the box and get to printing those large models, this is it. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced 3D printing enthusiast, this printer is going to serve you very well. The good thing is that when you buy it as a beginner, you will hardly require upgrading to another printer in future. It is one of those printers to buy for keeps.  

CraftBot XL 3D Printer Picture

CraftBot XL 3D Printer Features & Technical Details

The build volume – With a build volume of 440 by 400 by 300 mm/17 by 12 by 8 inches, this is easily one of the printers with the biggest build volumes in the market. The print resolution is quite high meaning your prints will be of good and consistent quality throughout. The entire printer measures 16.1 by 14.1 by 14.9 inches and as for the weight, it is not too much as you can manage it alone. It weighs 50 pounds. You can easily keep it on your desk as it does not consume a lot of space.

The frame – The body of this printer is all-metal. That makes it very sturdy indeed, and it can withstand a lot of abuse. From the onset, this printer looks like it has been made for heavy duty industrial printing gigs, but its user-friendliness makes it a printer for just about anyone. It is available in six different colors to suit different tastes.

This printer has been made in an enclosed design. It is both safe because the extruders are enclosed so there is less danger from using this printer. However, you can still see inside when the printing process is going on.

Print quality – As aforementioned, this is one of the most awesome printers when it comes to quality. With a resolution of up to 100 microns and with different nozzles for different printing materials and speeds, you will get consistent quality for all of your prints.

Connectivity and control – The CraftBot XL 3D printer can be connected to your computer through a USB cable or Wi-Fi. There is a CraftUnique mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and you can use the Apps to upload print designs to the printer. You can also control the printing process from your smartphone. Among other things that you can do include starting and stopping the printing process, set and manage the heat settings.

User friendliness – As much as this looks like a complex 3D printer, it is very easy to use, even for beginner 3D printing enthusiasts. It comes with a simple to use menu, with easy settings that you can change even as the printing process carries on.

The printer has a colored LCD 2.8-inch touch screen, which is very responsive. It has been made in the resistive design such as you find on the smartphone and tablet screens. Through the LCD display, you can upload filament, you can turn the cooling fans off or on, you can also raise the leveling bed and heat it. If you should upload designs into a USB stick, you will access them through the display.

Software – The CraftBot XL 3D printer uses CraftWare for slicing. This software is rich in features and it is compatible with Linux, Windows and OS X operating systems.

Print bed – There is no warping in the finished prints because the bed is heated, and this helps to prevent the prints from sticking. The positioning of the build surface is also very clever such that as you remove it when your print is ready, you will not interfere with the calibration of the heated print bed.

Filament – The CraftUnique CraftBot XL 3D printer uses the common PLA and ABS filaments. It also uses HIPS, Nylon and PETG.  It has been built with a filament sensor. The extruder size is 0.4mm.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I found this 3D printer easy to use and the build volume is terrific. However, I feel that this printer is best suited for advanced users rather than beginners. Pete G.

I love the user-friendliness of this printer and the connectivity options. I prefer uploading stuff to my USB stick, then print from it using the LCD display. However, I have also tried the other means and I find it a pleasing experience. Riley J.

Being a teacher at a local community college, I have used this printer to teach my students. We have found it to be a workhorse that can make great prints for hours on end. Kathleen M.

I love the fact that I can remove the completed print without interfering with the calibrated print bed. I also love the reduced noise levels. Leland A.

I aim to try printing with different types of materials in future although I have used the PLA filament and the result was very pleasing. I have only put 70 hours into this machine and I have no complaint. I will be back to update this review once I hit 150 hours. Jim K.

Pros of CraftBot XL 3D Printer
  • It is sturdily designed with an all metal frame – aluminum
  • Partially enclosed design makes it very safe
  • Very easy to use and requires little set up out of the box
  • Convenient connectivity options – WiFi, USB drive and
  • High quality prints all the time
  • Incredibly large print volume
  • Has four different nozzles for different speeds
Cons of CraftBot XL 3D Printer
  • It generates noise when in operation
  • Updating firmware may be a problem
  • Some users have said that customer supports could be better
Who Should Buy CraftBot XL 3D Printer

Because of the high price of this printer, it is not the best option for beginner 3D enthusiasts. The high build volume is best suited to professional users. Offices and schools can use this printer, harvesting many hours of incredible work from it. Engineers, architects, designers and other professionals can use this printer.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The advanced features of the CraftBot XL 3D printer ensure the production of high quality prints. This 3D printer is an ideal workhorse for professional firms and small businesses that print 3D models every day. It might not be suitable for hobbyist 3D enthusiasts but if you buy it for business, you will get more than enough value for your money. If you make regular firmware updates and take good care of the printer, it will last a long time.


CraftBot XL 3D Printer Review