Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D Printer Review

Your search for the best 3D printer to meet your printing needs stops with the Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D printer. As you will see in this review, this printer packs quite a good number of features that will help you a lot in your photography and 3D modeling jobs. If you are just starting to use a 3D printer or you are an advanced user, Mooz 3D is perfect for you. You will love what it can do. High precision, accuracy, stability and incredible performance are some of the things to look forward to in this 3D printer.

Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D Printer

Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D Printer Features & Technical Details

One thing that most people love about this machine is that it is not only a high quality 3D printer, but it is also used for engraving and CNC (computer numerical control) carving. When you buy this printer, it is as if you are buying three pieces of gear combined into one. It can also be used for wood carving jobs like cutting mortise and tenon joints, carving plastics, foams, steel and aluminum. You can switch between modules depending on the job at hand.

I know you are thinking that all these features make this printer expensive, but that should not worry you. You are allowed to buy the 3D printer alone at a cheaper price, but you can always buy the whole package at a higher price. It all depends on your needs.

If you love experimenting with color to bring out certain aspects in your 3D prints, this is the best printer for you because it will help you do that. It has been built with an excellent color-mixing feature that will print colored models.

Mooz offers you incredible precisions and that is one of the features making it a good 3D printer for advanced users. With precision of up to 2mm and an adjustable thickness of between 0 to 5mm for CNC carving, you know that all your design needs are well sorted out, unless you want deeper carvings, which is mostly not required. To get to use the laser engraver or the carver, you will just need to swap with the printing head.

For professional use, or even for consumer use, you may want to engrave some details in the print. You will be happy that this printer comes with a laser engraving head that will help you to engrave that logo or name on the finished product.

A good 3D printer must come with the best software and Mooz is so easy to use. You just need to drag and drop your design into the software and then it will take over from that and create the perfect print for you. With just a few clicks, your design will be ready for printing. As earlier said, this printer is good for beginners as well as advanced users. The user-friendliness of this software confirms it.

From this Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D printer review, you have probably guessed that this is a printer built to last a long time and you are not wrong. It is built with aluminum. It can stand the abuse that you throw at it. However, do take good care of the printer.

For control, the printer comes with its own controller LCD display that is so easy to use, looks just like a smartphone. Mooz supports different software like Printrun, Slicr3 and Cura. You can also connect a USB cable to this display to transfer files like PNG, obj, STL and JPG.

Many a Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D printer review forget to mention about the precision of this printer. It comes with a powerful Stepper motor but above that, it has a Linear Guideway feature that minimizes the vibrations thus making this printer as accurate as possible. Even newbie users should be able to print very good models with this printer.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

“I was amazed that I could produce very good models yet it was my first time to use this printer. I love that the printer does all of the work as long as I enter the correct settings.”

“I have been around 3D printers for some time now but this one has exemplary quality for its price. I did not buy the whole package though, but I now regret leaving the engraver and the CNC carver.”

“I can now leave my name on all my models for sale. It makes me feel immortal somehow, and I cannot regret buying the Mooz printer with the laser engraver and carver.”

Pros of Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D Printer
  • Can be put to three incredible uses as a laser engraver, 3D printer and CNC carver
  • Very precise, accurate to the “t”
  • Mooz is compatible with many software
  • Easy to use even for total beginners
  • Safe, strong and durable
  • Saves money by combining different functions
Cons of Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D Printer
  • A bit costly for the entire package
  • Mooz LCD display looks delicate
Who Should Buy Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D Printer?

From the Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D printer review you have seen that this product has been built to last a long time. Aluminum alloy, precision features, durable motor… this is a high quality printer to use as a 3D printing enthusiast and when you want to go small-time professional, you will still use it. It is also great for you if you make 3D models for sale, especially because customers might request that you engrave some message onto their model. It is good for a professional firm, for class training and for a professional photographer.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Quite often, if you do 3D modeling, you will also find the need for laser engraving and CNC carving most of the time, but most printers in the market do not offer these options packaged into one like the Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D printer does. You can buy it with the confidence that you will get the full value of your money as soon as you start using it. It is built to last thanks to its aluminum metal frame.


Dobot DB-MZ001 Mooz 3D Printer Review