How to Get Started with 3D Printing without Buying a Printer

3D printing virtually presents a world of opportunities for you! What’s more? It’s cool as well.
With a 3D printer to boot– you can play around with a lot of different materials including PLA
Polymide, ABS plastic wax, titanium, steel and what not! Now even though 3D printers have
always been costly, we, it seems, are eternally feeding on the hope of witnessing plummeting
prices. Let us tell you that it has not really happened in the recent past—and there’s nothing
which tells us that it will happen in the near future.

Can you Explore 3D Printing without Owning a Printer?

However, if you’re really interested in exploring the scope of 3D printing, let us tell you that
“hardware” limitation doesn’t really have to be an impediment on your way to exploring 3D
printing. Do you really want to print things but don’t really have the money to cough up for a
printer? If yes, then the sites mentioned below are for you to check out!

Kraftwurx, Shapeways and 3D Hubs are just a few names that offer you access to the world of
3D printing without even owning a printer. Some of these communities might as well allow you
to access their 3D models directly, while others will assist you in uploading models and get
yourself found online. Let’s explore details.


Kraftwurx, for example, is your “personal factory” where you can create prototypes of more than
85 materials that are delivered directly at your doorstep. You can then go on to publish your
products for world wide sale as well. Documented below are a few interesting products featuring
in their portfolio:
 Pendant
 Skull Ring
 Cartman style pendant
 Equate Rings of Gears F5
 Others

Shapeways and Others

If you are looking for the most versatile 3D shop around then head to Shapeways. The company
is backed by the presence of a number of 3D designers and modelers that have their creations
uploaded in the site for sale. However, they are not put up for sale before their structural
soundness is thoroughly checked by Shapeway’s inhouse quality analysts. So, here you have a
community dedicated to “hang-up free 3D printing” which is so committed to providing only
quality products to users. For the uninitiated, let us tell you that printable 3D models have to be
checked thoroughly to prevent breakage. The community offers prints in a host of materials
including aluminium, wax, porcelain, gold and different types of plastic. The company employs
industrial grade printers to ensure that one can get made-to- order 3D prints as well.

Ponoko, for example, offers engraving and laser cutting services to add new dimensions to your
designs – turning them into custom products.

What Else Should you Consider?

The cost of 3D printing however, should not really be your only concern before venturing into
the world of 3D printing. Make sure that you are not investing in a flawed model for instance.
We have already told you how a site like Shapeways works towards quality. You will still need
to read reviews and browse through pictures of objects after they have been printed.

You should also consider tweaking models with software, if needed. However, you can do it
without the help of the software programs as well. Look up communities that offer customizable

How to Get Started with 3D Printing without Buying a Printer

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