QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer Review

If you are looking for a user-friendly and highly performing 3D printer, the QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer is a perfect choice for you. Not only is this printer ideal for beginners, but it is also an incredible choice for the people who already own a printer, but they would love to expand their printing possibilities. It comes with many features, lacks a few of what many would call crucial features but does a heck of a job all the same. But nothing can beat the fact that this 3D printer comes at a pocket-friendly price, very affordable for you.

QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer Features & Technical Details

The body – The body of this printer is made with plastic and metal. It is an enclosed design printer for extra safety but you also get to see the printing in progress through the clear panel. Besides, this is a stylish looking printer and because of its small size, it is not going to take up too much desk space. The X Pro 3D is mostly delivered to you when it is almost fully assembled so that you can start using it minutes after taking out of its box.

You will love the QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer because of its wide range of cutting-edge features. One of the most notable features of this printer is the dual-extrusion. This allows you to make various multi-colored model prints. Although some reviews say that you can make multicolored prints with a mono-extrusion printer, but that is just too much trouble.

Build plate – This printer also comes with a heated aluminum build plate and that means your prints do not stick on the bed, thus ensuring high quality finishing. The size of the build plate is 230 by 150mm and the print build volume is 225 by 145 by 150mm. The build plate can also be removed so that you can remove the finished models easily. Just bend it ever so slightly and your models come popping off.

Resolution – This 3D printer uses standard printing resolution ranging from 100 to 500 microns to create ABS or PLA models. Depending on the resolution that you choose, your print quality can be sharply defined or just average (mostly happens with models made in low resolution of 500).

User-friendliness – This printer is very user-friendly, thus making it perfect for beginners. Small learning curve and once you unpack it, put it together and plug it in, you can go right ahead and start printing your models.

Software – QIDI print slicing software is already contained in the printer when you buy it. It is also compatible with other 3D printing software such as Cura and Simplify 3D. For connectivity, the QIDI Technology X Pro 3D printer is also compatible with Windows (64-bit) and Mac. It can be connected through Ethernet cable, USB drive but it does not have Wi-Fi connectivity. You can run everything from your computer or you can do it from the printer’s 4-inch display screen.

Temperature regulation – This 3D printer additionally has an incredible temperature control courtesy of its totally enclosed build space. The printer’s door is designed to magnetically seal the unit, allowing effortless opening and closing. In addition, the printer features a smart Turbofan shroud fitting that helps in temperature control, by directing the flow of air efficiently throughout the machine for an even and fast cooling.

Assembly and usage – When you get the X Pro 3D printer, you should be on your way printing quality models about an hour later. Even if you are a total newbie to 3D printing, you will love the ease of use. However, this printer does not come fully assembled in plug-n-play mode. You will have to finish with assemblage. It is shipped with all the required accessories to attach the turbo fan and the bolt heads and you will be ready to start printing.

Short Summary of Feedback from Existing Owners

I bought this 3D printer when I was a newbie beginner and I have enjoyed every moment that I have had it. I use it for printing my own designs for my hobby. I am only disappointed that it does not have Wi-Fi. I also hear that today, there are printers that come with automatic build plate leveling while this one is a manual. Out of 10, I would give it 8.5. Mel F

Great printer. I love that it comes with software already configured for Windows and Mac. I am not sure you can use it for pro printing though despite the name pro in there, but I love using it for my hobbyist printing needs.  Wood Haven

Out of the box this printer took a mere 10 minutes to get up and running. But then, this is my second printer having one at the office already, I bought this one for my home use. On the desk, it looks really cool, like it should be on the international space station! Alex R.

I am an educator and for the six months that I have been using this printer to teach 3D printing, I cannot complain. For the price of less than $500, it has done a fantastic job for us. Andre L.

QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer Image

Pros of QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer
  • Durable hard plastic and aluminum construction
  • High quality 3D prints
  • Comes when it is almost fully assembled
  • Removable build plate for easier retrieval of your prints
  • Large and easy to use LCD touch screen
  • Short learning curve for beginners
  • Dual extruder for multicolored prints
  • Very affordable

Cons of QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer

  • Limited filament options
  • Comes with manual bed leveling
  • Mostly good for beginners
Who Should Buy QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer?

Because of the limited features, you know, lacking Wi-Fi connectivity and all, the QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer is most suitable for hobbyist 3D printing jobs. Do not also forget that this machine lacks automatic bed leveling and for many people, using it on a professional scale may not be feasible. But even if you are a professional user and you would like a cheaper 3D printer for backup, this is a good option for you. Its robust construction and dual extruder feature will give you good service.

Conclusion and Recommendation

The QIDI Technology X Pro 3D is a great printer that will give you value for your money. It is ideal for both beginner and advanced users. Most people would want to avoid it because of the manual bed leveling, but it has many features to compensate for that. For example, it comes with self-contained software already preconfigured – for Windows and Mac. If you look at QIDI Technology X Pro 3D printer reviews, you will find many users saying that it can do the same jobs that highly priced boys do. You can buy this one without an iota of doubt in your mind.


QIDI Technology X Pro 3D Printer Review